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Viva Stampede

Best-selling Match3 Gameplay with Playful Graphics

Available for iOS

Screenshots & Videos:

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Want it?

Single Use License (iOS)

  • Full code for iOS
  • Use on one commercial project.
  • Support for one year.
  • Assets list and design files

Multi Use License (iOS)

  • Full code for iOS
  • Use on unlimited commercial projects.
  • Support for one year.
  • Assets list and design files.

Complete License

  • Full code for all platforms
  • Use on any commercial projects.
  • Premium support for 2 years.
  • Assets list and design files.


Our approach to bringing Viva Stampede from idea to reality was different than my past development projects, due in large part to a tool I discovered last December—

The Smart Way to Reskin a match 3 source code

I’m going to share the short version of our process.

1. Identify a simple gameplay style that would work well with a fresh theme. Simple match-three puzzle games have staying power.

2. Research popular themes. Animal themes never get old, so we chose to set the basic plot and storyline of our game at a zoo.

3. Find strong keywords. Most developers make one of two mistakes: they create a game they like with no regard for what’s already popular (or unpopular); or they model what’s popular but don’t put a fresh spin on the theme, graphics, and artwork.

After choosing a zoo theme, we decided to let keyword research help with the specifics. Here’s what we used to do:

  • Choose the keywords in the title, “viva” and “stampede.”
  • Choose keywords for the “subtitle”: “match,” “three,” “puzzle,” and “game.”
  • Fine-tune the theme, including animals and storyline.
  • Select optimal keywords to use in the 100-character META keywords section.
  • Pick extra keywords to use in the app’s description.

The Importance of User Retention

If you take away nothing else from this post, remember this: you don’t even have to create the next household name to do well with a tile-matching game. Because user retention has been so good, we’ve been able to generate good revenue from a relatively small number of users. (We haven’t done much marketing with this app.)

For example, if you get 100,000 installs, but 90% of your users only play your game once, then you really only have 10,000 loyal users. By contrast, if you get 50,000 installs, and your DAU is 50%, then you have 25,000 loyal users—that’s 250% higher with only half of the install base!

That’s what a lot of indie developers playing the reskin angle are missing. High-quality apps typically have higher user retention, and make more money as a result. Crappy reskins have high churn rates and don’t make as much money long-term.

But spend a little more money on a high-quality source code and making it look really good (maybe better than the original!) will pay dividends.


We had hundreds of animals to choose from, but the App Store is already full of games with lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh my! We used gorgeous artwork to create memorable characters from animals that weren’t overused: coyote, hippo, rattlesnake, otter, panda, toucan, and, naturally, a deranged platypus.


We hired a professional game sound artist to create an original soundtrack for the game and found free sound effects in the public domain. You could describe Viva’s music as “World-Jungle-House,” or a “drum-line-meets-jazz-flute medley,” or “urban-tribal-zoo jams.” The music is definitely catchy.

So once we had a solid foundation of match-three style gameplay, a fresh spin on a popular theme, and strong keyword choices to boost discoverability, we actually started building the game:

  • Over 375 total development hours
  • Objective-C match 3 source code game engine
  • Over 50 hours of User Interface and artwork design from professional U.S.-based game designer
  • Average Playhaven interstitial eCPMs since launch in mid-April – $5.36!!!
  • User retention: Viva Stampede averages a 50% user retention rate
  • Ridiculously addictive match-three gameplay
  • In-game currency with tokens (already integrated with Playhaven rewards)
  • Three play modes: Levels, Timed, Endless
  • Cool Powerups: Hints, Chameleon (change one animal to another type), Platypus Trap (remove an obstacle), and Magic Net (remove all of one tile type)
  • Playhaven, Revmob & Chartboost interstitials integrated
  • Revmob, Flurry & Mobclix banner ads integrated
  • Tapjoy advertising SDK integrated
  • Playhaven More Apps plug-in on Info screen
  • Flurry analytics integrated
  • [Get A Free Game Now!] button on Home screen
  • [Get a Free App] button on Info screen
  • [Get a Free App] button on Game Over screen
  • Animated How-to-Play tutorial
  • Gamecenter integration
  • Reminders during gameplay to consume Powerups
  • Great-looking shopping cart that blends in-game currency and in-app purchases
  • Remove Ads in-app purchase
  • 5 consumable in-app purchases (tokens packs)
  • Other in-app purchases related to Powerups
  • 1 non-consumable IAP (5 backgrounds)
  • Turn music and sound effects On/Off
  • Local notifications set to appear at strategic intervals
  • Push notification integrated (Pushwoosh)
  • Review on App Store pop-up
  • Top Scores on Info screen
  • Tell a Friend feature

Easy Reskinning

Viva Stampede may well be the most sophisticated match-three game source code available on the market, and it’s the perfect “starter kit” for the puzzle game apps you want to create.

We created step-by-step reskinning instructions, as well as a complete assets list. If you like, you can reuse most of the music, sound effects, animations, and menu buttons. The list shows highlighted in blue the specific graphics that you will need your designer to create—mostly character art and backgrounds.

You can check out the Viva Stampede here.

How much?

The Single Use license costs $299, and the Multi Use license costs $399. I think you’re all smart enough to know that this is a great deal. This match 3 source code is a winner that we’ve already updated four times!

You won’t find these prices anywhere else.

Any match-three game has a ton of potential, and I hope you all see the value.

I’m happy to any your questions, so feel free to leave a comment below.


Comments and Support:

    andy bate

    Hello sir, could you pls send me the asset list?

    Thank you


    Ios8 support?


    Hey Austin, It looks like Playhaven are not doing the reward content (i.e. for the end of level) anymore. Or at least it is hidden very well on their site and has been removed from their documentation / help.

    Can you help out / suggest alternatives for my reskin. What were your thoughts around using it in the first place – i.e. the need to have an external entity rather than just having a regular screen coming up and crediting the 100 tokens. Be interested in your feedback there. Otherwise its a great game and people love playing it.

    Note – I thought I already posted this message or similar last night but something possibly went wrong – have also sent an email via your contact form at the bottom of the page on the same topic.




      Hi Patrick,

      Sorry that your comment slipped through the cracks!

      Playhaven is now Upsight, and Upsight does still provide rewards. Once you’ve created your app on Upsight, you should be able to add Rewards just like you would ad placements.

      Hope this helps!


    Hey There Austin,

    Am reskinning Viva Stampede, and have come up against a slight obstacle – I can’t seem to find how to get Playhaven rewards configured, it looks like they don’t offer this any more (no sign of it on their help – looks like its something which they have discontinued?). Haven’t had a response from them which is disappointing as well. Could you help me out? I’ll email the same question through to you as well but posting here so any others in the same boat can get the benefit of the discussion.

    Cheers – Patrick

    Christopher Rose

    Hi Austin,

    Have you subsequently or is it possible to port this to Android?


    Christopher Rose

    Jeffrey Smith

    Great game! Prepurchase question: can the game be easily reskinned to landscape mode instead of portrait? I play in bed and lying on sofa and landscape would be much more comfortable.



      @Jeff Thanks! Glad you like it. Short answer: the game cannot be easily reskinned for landscape mode because that would require recoding the user interface and associated graphics. But so far, we haven’t received any complaints about people playing in portrait mode.


    is it really necessary to replace the images from v1 v2 v3 v4 folders, that include what looks like to be old characters from another skin?


      @Tony No, I keep forgetting to take out those folders! Just focus on the Viva Stampede folders. Thanks for your question.


    I promised to comment here when the iOS 7 update was ready. If you’ve already purchased a license, you probably received the email I sent out. If you haven’t already purchased a license, you’ll be glad to know the iOS 7 update includes step-by-step reskinning instructions and a complete assets list.


    Hi Austin,
    All current and future Viva code license holders,

    I can’t resist to announce that my very 1st app (a Viva Stampede re-skin of course) is since a couple hours available to download on iTune!!

    As you know, I am the typical “new be” (zero apps experience – never wrote a single line of code…). I bought your code and followed your advise & instructions to the letter.

    4 weeks (2 weeks development + 14 days Apple review lead time) and 500 USD later I give you the match 3 OS 7 game: SeaLife Rescue

    Sealife Rescue Match 3:

    I would really appreciate it if you all could download it and post your comments or questions on my website

    I really want to know what you all think and will be happy to share lessons learned.

    Once again, Austin, thank you for the excellent code and support!! I am looking forward to continue working with you.


    simon towler

    Hi again Austin…a couple of my VS reskins have been rejected for no Restore function. After the usual and pointless discussion, centring on BG restores, they are pointing to the lack of token restore. I checke din VS just now and hey presto nor do you have this function. I bought a token pack, came out of the game and reinstalled, and lost my tokens. Not cool. Can you advise on how this token restore function could be added?


    Hi Austin, any news on the ios7 uodate?? Having probs with Restore functionality and blank white boxes popping up on IAP PURCHASES. Any thoughts on that? Cheers


      @Simon The update is finished, for all intents and purposes, but we’re being very thorough in our final testing to ensure we don’t create more problems than we solve. I’ll send out an email to everyone when it’s ready.


    Still no iOS 7 update? :-/


      @vojtech Finishing the Viva Stampede update is our top priority right now. But we have encountered a number of very frustrating delays. Needless to say, I will be looking for new contractors for future development projects. I plan to send out an update email on Monday with more details.

    Telmo Pinto

    Is it possible for someone that purchases the game code to add functionalities to the game itself (besides reskining)? Something like extra powerups and mechanics? I’m trying to access how much room for changes the code supports.


      @Telmo Pinto Absolutely! For those kind of changes you will need to add code. If you are like me and don’t know how to code, you’ll need to hire a programmer to make these kinds of tweaks. I have found many of my most trusted programmers through a website called Odesk. Hope that helps!



    May I get the assets list to estimate how much effort I’m going to use to reskin?



    When is it gonna be ready for iOS 7 ?


      @Roberto The Viva Stampede source code should be ready for iOS 7 within a week. My programmer is nearly finished working on it.


    It looks like iOS 7 really doesn’t want to play nice with this code. e.g. The animals/tiles are displaying out of place. Any chance there’ll be an updated code for iOS 7 soon? My app was rejected because of the incompatibility…. Yikes!


      @Bryan I’m glad you asked. Yes, we’re updating the code. We’ve finished with iOS 7 compatibility, and we’re adding a few other features. I’ll keep you in the loop.


    Hi Austin,
    Can you please send me the link to the assets and the developers who can do the re-skin job for me.



    Hi Austin,

    I have purchased the source code looks great! I wanted to know if you will have the iOS7 update available?

    Many thanks,



      @Maggie We’re updating the code right now. :) We’ve finished with iOS 7 compatibility, and we’re adding a few other features. I’ll send out an email to everybody when it’s ready.


    How many levels does it come with? I am looking at this and may buy it soon.


      @Brandon Viva Stampede has unlimited levels. Each level ends after the player makes a certain number of matches. With each level completion, the player receives 100 tokens for free. The levels get progressively harder because the Platypus tiles (which can’t be matched and can only be removed with Powerups) become more and more prevalent.

      Players need the tokens to buy Powerups to then progress further in the game. And eventually beat their high scores.


    Hi Austin! I’m a cartoonist/animator and this code would be right up my alley! Please send along the asset list so I can get cracking on some fun reskins! Also, I’m not yet familiar with Playhaven, Revmob, Chartboost etc. I suppose I sign up for these for ad integration, payments, whathaveyou… I’m going to look on elance for programmers unless you know of any for a good price…Thanks!


      @Will You can download the Viva Stampede assets list here: As for Playhaven and the rest, yes, you’ll create a free account with each of the ad networks and services, and then your programmer can swap out all of the IDs, using the documentation that comes with the source code. Let me know once you purchase a license, and I can recommend some programmers. I have to save a few of my secrets. :)



    Hello Austin

    I like your games is really awesome, have some questions :

    please tell me how many graphics need to reskin ?

    i like to know how many profit make monthly ? do you test ?

    is easy reskin the app ?


      @Ruben Thanks, I appreciate that! Check out the assets list: The graphics files highlighted in blue are the ones that you’ll need recreate. As for profitability, I’d make a low-end benchmark around $250/month. But if you combine Viva Stampede’s popular gameplay style with memorable branding and a smart marketing plan, then I think that’s a conservative number. The source code comes with thorough documentation and a complete assets list so I’ve tried to make it as easy to reskin as possible.



    Hi, Austin. Would you please pass the asset list my way, as well? Thanks!


    I purchased the code, and it is superb. However, I’m confused about the intended use of the shared Dropbox folder: I’m noticing the contents are being edited/moved around by different owners. Is the shared folder intended to be a one-time distribution vehicle, or is it supposed to serve purchasers with an evolving updated version of the original code? Should I be ignoring the changing files in the folder, or are they relevant?

    Thanks so much for the great work!


      @Bryan Yes, the shared Dropbox folder is intended for one-time distribution. Ignore the changes. And if for some reason you want to access the code and the folder doesn’t look up to date, let me know.



    Great game! thanks a lot. I can’t wait to buy the code. Could you please send me the asset list.

    I also sent you a mail to austin at brightnewt dot com asking for your suggested designers/developers. I hope this is ok.

    I am looking forward to work with you very soon.



    I’ve been playing for the last 3 days – and dude, VS is some seriously good fun. Already have the asset list and I am going to purchase this tonite !
    Any hopes for an Android version – ever ?

    Cheers, K


      @KJ Glad to hear that you like it! And thanks for your purchase. We’re currently working on the Android version of the Mustache Bash source code, but after that, who knows…


    Would you send the asset list over for us to look at please? Thanks!


    Great game Austin. Congrats. Very interested in purchasing. Can you please send me the asset list including potential designers.




    Hello Austin. Very interested in purchasing your code. Please email me the asset list and potential designers. Thank you for your time.



    Hi Austin,

    Great Code! Can you please email me the asset list?



    Are you aware of any re-skins of this game in the app store currently?


      @Marcus No, I am not aware of any reskins of the game currently in the App Store. I only started licensing the code on Sunday. :)


    Thanks Austin! Got it


    Looks great Austin! Please add me to the “list” of “pls send assets” and “pls send designers” LOL! Thanks!


    This sounds fantastic. I would also appreciate a look at the asset list.

    Thanks, KJ


    Good looking game, thanks for offering.

    How many levels are in the version you are selling? Is it simple to add or expand to more levels?


      Viva Stampede has unlimited levels. Each level ends after a certain number of matches, and the player receives 100 tokens for completing the level. The levels get progressively harder because the Platypus tiles (which can’t be matched and can only be removed with Powerups) become more and more prevalent. Players need the tokens to buy Powerups to then progress further in the game and eventually beat their high scores.

      Players can also buy tokens and powerups. So the gameplay is linked to the in-game currency.

      Hope this helps,

    Jeff Thornton

    Hi Austin,

    Thanks for the asset list you’re awesome!! I’m definitely going to purchase this code!

    Do you have any designers you’d be willing to recommend? If so could you shoot me an email.

    Thanks so much!!


    Hi Austin,

    I am really interested in purchasing the source code.

    I have a few questions, hope you can answer them.

    1. Do you have any good iOS graphic game designer? Would love to hire them for this re-skin job.

    2. The sounds are awesome, can we just use them?




      @Lemuel I’ll email you in response to your questions. I appreciate your interest in the code!


    Austin, will you be adding Facebook integration to the app? Thanks


      @Shariq Great question, and the answer is… absolutely. My programmer and I are already planning the next update, which will be free for those who have already purchased a license. It will include iOS 7 support and more social sharing capabilities.

    A Johnson

    Hi Austin,

    Please email me the asset list and if you’d care to share a couple of designer names I’d appreciate it. Thanks.



    Hi Austin,
    Could you please send me the asset list also?

    Thanks very much


      @Glen I just sent the email with the assets list attached. Cheers, Austin


    Hi Austin,
    Could you please send me the asset list too?
    Thank you


    Hi Austin,

    Love your game and your work.

    Would greatly appreciate your sharing of the asset list for me to get some costing done.
    Does anybody have a good designer that can do the reskin to recommend as well?

    Thank you!



      @Polly I know several great designers. Email me at austin at brightnewt dot com, and I’ll make some recommendations. In the meantime, I’ll email you the assets list.


    Hi Austin,

    I’m really interested in purchasing this code. Can I see the asset list as well before I buy it?

    Really great work on the game as well!!! It’s very clean and fun to play.

    All the Best!


      @Jeff I appreciate your kind words. The game took a LOT of work, but I think it was worth it. I’ll email you the assets list right now.


    Just downloaded it, the game looks really nice and quite fun to play with.
    May I know what’s the ballpark cost for reskinning this game?

    and Can I have a look at the asset list too? Thanks!


      @Desmond The ballpark cost for reskinning should be comparable to Mustache Bash: 10-15 development hours and $150-$200 for new character artwork and backgrounds, depending on how deep you get into branding.

      I just sent you the assets list.


    Hi Austin,

    I have downloaded this game, I am addicted already. I have few questions:

    Do you have plans to make this game universal?
    How much time did you take to recover your cost?

    Last but not the least, please share the asset list with me as well.



      @Abhinav Yes, I plan to make this game universal eventually, but my programmer is busy with other projects currently. We probably won’t start adding iPad support until October. As for recovering the cost, maybe 2-3 months? Depending on your app network and marketing prowess, your reskin could take less time. I’ll email the asset list. :)


    Hi Austin, Can I have a look at the asset sheet too?



    Hi will you be providing ongoing updates once I have bought the code?

    Also will you provide basic support as required?

    Would also appreciate asset sheet to see what needs to be done



      @Jason Yes, I provide basic support, and can answer any questions that you have while reskinning the code. As for updates, I plan to share all of the small updates for free (for example, v1.5 with iOS 7 support in September) and charge a nominal fee ($30 or 50) for bigger, more sophisticated updates (like 2.0 or 3.0). I’ll email you the assets list.

    Jonathan Hamon

    Would love to get a better idea of what I need to re-skin before buying the source code. Please give some further information. Thanks


      @Jonathan I’ll email you the assets list, which shows highlighted in blue the graphics that your designer will need to create for your new theme (mostly character artwork and backgrounds).

      A license entitles you to reuse the music, sounds, animations, menu buttons, and sound effects, if you so choose.

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