No one likes doing business with a robot.

That’s why Bright Newt offers 100% real, live human newts with no strange appendages, cybernetic additives, or bad aftertaste.

But in all seriousness, we extend a warm welcome to you. Thanks for stopping by the virtual home of our branding, marketing strategy, and mobile app development shop. We make our clients’ problems go away and help their businesses grow. We also sell Android and iOS app source codes.

To start, check out our source codes and the services we provide.

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Custom App Development

Bright Newt develops all kinds of mobile applications, but we’re really in the fun business. You can be involved as you like in the dream and brainstorming process, and then let us worry about the dirty details like coding languages and operating systems and UI design.

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Bright New Guides

On occasion, we create practical and entertaining resources to help people do work that matters. For example, the Appiness marketing guide for iOS apps will help you tackle the learning curve associated with app marketing and set yourself up for success with a smart marketing plan.

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High Quality Source Codes

Let us be frank: there’s a lot of crap out there. So we’ve assembled a great lineup of high-quality, made-from-scratch codes—both our own and those of developer friends—that will save you a ton of time and money on development. It’s the different between start at 0% and 90% finished!

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App Flip Alerts

This nifty piece of software is the easiest, fastest way to find out about high-quality source codes. Rather than visit all of the various marketplaces, you’ll receive an automatic email alert when other developers post new codes on sites like Chupamobile and Binpress.

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Marketing & Copywriting

If you’re interested in making your problems go away and growing your business, then maybe Bright Newt can help. Though we typically have a queue, we may be able to fit in your project and help create some momentum. Be sure to read the “Fire Us” page for more info.

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Quick recap: we take our work seriously, but ourselves, not so much. We deliver on time and on budget. If a problem occurs, we fix it. And we whistle while we work (at least on Fridays.)

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