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Who We Are

Bright Newt initially came into existence in 2009, when Austin L. Church (Founder) found himself a victim of the hard-hitting recession and got laid off from a marketing firm. Never one to slow down or give up, Austin turned his initial days of unemployment into self-employment. He used his entrepreneurial mentality to help build what would soon become the foundation to the now thriving platform.

Six years later, Bright Newt has positioned itself as one of the premier websites for iOS and Android source codes of only the highest quality. Just as our company mantra expresses, we focus on providing our devoted followers with, “The Best Source Codes on the Web, Period.”

Kyle HartmanIn early Nov of 2014, online entrepreneur and businessman Kyle Hartman met Austin and worked out a deal to acquire As you can imagine, it was a bittersweet moment for Austin. He had started Bright Newt from literally nothing, created and launched his first app shortly thereafter (the extremely successful and original, Mustache Bash on April 6, 2012) and now it was time for him to switch gears and focus his time and efforts into another venture that had been in the works for quite some time. While Austin moved on to the next chapter in his life, Kyle was extremely motivated to move forward with their plan and propel the already well established Bright Newt platform to the next level of its evolution in the mobile app development world.

With a completely revitalized website that focuses solely on high quality source codes, you can expect to find everything you need to get started or evolve your already existent mobile app development business. Everything you need is under the Bright Newt umbrella.

An exciting, new feature to Bright Newt is AppFlipAlerts – a 100% FREE, subscription-based service that allows you to find the exact source codes you’re looking for. No more digging through hundreds of potential codes on Google or other source code websites. Our custom software does that for you 24/7, then automatically emails you only the exact source codes you’re searching for.

Whether you’re new to apps, source codes or you have some skin in the game, be sure to check out the release of our ebook, “Appiness: An Unusual Guide to Doubling Downloads, Minting Money & Finding Freedom.”  Gathering from our own experiences and consulting with some of the brightest minds in the mobile app development niche, this ebook was six months in the making before we felt 100% confident that we were delivering the reader with perhaps the premier iOS mobile app ebook on the market today! Just take a look for yourself and tell us if the $4.99 you spent and the knowledge you gained was worth a half filled Venti Frappuccino!

2015 and beyond is a very exciting time for Bright Newt, for our current followers and for those who continue to join and expand our platform. We have just scratched the surface of Bright Newt’s evolution, so stay connected as we grow and continue to deliver “The Best Source Codes on the Web, Period.”

As always, please contact us if you have any questions or comments!