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The Easiest Way To Be Updated About The Latest Source Codes

Published March 7, 2016

We gave you the tips on how you can choose your first source code among a plethora of options. You can find them here at BrightNewt but to make your life a little bit easier, we’ll give you our best tip: use AppFlipAlerts.

AppFlipAlerts (AFA) provides the easiest way to be alerted when a high quality source code becomes available.

The Easiest Way To Be Notified About The Latest Source Codes

On most days, I don’t have the time to scour the web for that one perfect source code all day, everyday. On days that I do have the time, I don’t find anything that I fancy. Even so, the thought of having to check and filter through each of the results that will turn up on Google is wearisome. Here comes AFA and what AFA aims to accomplish is to do all the hard work for people like you and me.

AFA has a listing of all excellent source codes available in the market and pools them together in their website.

I’ll list out the things that I like about AFA, and this includes the fact that this was created by guys who were also hunting for source codes (check out their About page).

  • Automated Search Engine

Upon signing up, I provided the type of category for the source code I’m looking for and the platform (iOS/Android). You can also put in your budget range if you have any and your preferred email frequency.

They offer a vast number of niche/category to choose from such as Advertising, Business, Communication, Dating, E-Commerce, Entertainment, Finance, Games, Health and Fitness, Lifestyle, Music, Photography, Productivity, Security, Social Media, and Video.

Once you put in the basic set of information, the system runs an algorithm that finds the latest source codes 24/7 all-year round… something that you and I can’t do. AFA uses the subscriber-provided information and matches it with the latest available source codes.

  • Automated Email Notification

This is AFA’s feature that I like the most. After I indicated the type of source code I was looking for, I logged out of the site and went back to what I was doing. A couple of days later, I got the email informing me that there was a match. The links were on the email too so it was easy to see the source code details. Note that AFA is not a source-code selling site. When I clicked on the link, it took me to BrightNewt’s page to proceed with the purchase.

  • In-App Search Function

Once I signed up, I logged in to my account. From the AFA dashboard, I can already use the search functionality and do my research from there. On AFA’s page, I was presented with all the possible source codes that might fit what I’m looking for and all these came from reputable source code selling sites. The best part is I didn’t need to go to Google to find and filter all the results.

I didn’t get the source code that I wanted on the first try but AppFlipAlerts did simplify the whole time-consuming search process. With a little patience, I found the source code that I was looking for after a couple of weeks through one of AFA’s matches. AFA did save me both my time and energy.

Have you used AFA to find that one source code that you were looking for? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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