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The Art of App Reskinning

Published January 17, 2016

Anyone can get into the app selling scene– come up with an idea, code it by yourself or pay someone to do it, and upload it on the App Store or Play Store. Now, that’s the easy part.

Making money from your app is a different story. This is where most fail and while we know that the mobile app industry is a lucrative business, many of those who have attempted to make it big took a hit on their first try.

The Art of App Reskinning

Though developers and entrepreneurs have been successful in selling creative and original apps, several of them have found the gold mine in app reskinning. However, not everyone who flips apps make big money out of it. Here, we list out things to help you master the art of app reskinning:

  1. Focus on quality.

Start off with finding a high quality source code. Reskinning is changing the theme of an app while retaining its core code; therefore, it is necessary to buy the best source codes that you can find. Use a source code locator like AppFlipAlerts to automate your code search. It is a nifty tool that will automatically notify you once a source code for a field you’re interested in becomes available.

Flipping apps can get you launching several reskins of an app in no time, but successful reskins don’t fall short on quality. Take for example the well-known Angry Birds franchise, which has released several reskins based on their popular formula. While users are essentially playing the same game concept, the games’ high quality graphics and sound make the experience a different one for players.

  1. Study the market. Know the trend.

Get your radar out and gather information on what’s the biggest trend in the market, then reskin your app to match it – quickly. When it comes to trends, practice the cliché advice: strike while the iron is hot. While following trends will not guarantee earnings for the long run, it will rake in profit for the time being.

So whether it’s the latest dance craze or the biggest meme of the year, check the trend to see if it is something that you can capitalize on and use in your app.

  1. Build several themes out of the same code – work on quantity.

This strategy worked for this app developer who, as of writing, has already released 821 apps across 8 categories. Their developer page shows apps ranging from picture framing apps, runner, and restaurant games. Knowledge of the market paired with a creative mind will help you to quickly come up with designs for reskins which will allow you to release a number of apps per month.

When aiming for quantity, note that not all of your apps will be a big hit. The mindset here is the more apps you release, you’ll have more chances of earning.

  1. Reach out within your network.

It’s a sea of uncertainty when you release your app to AppStore or PlayStore but creating an app for those who really need it is a sure way of earning money.

Work within your network and look for people or businesses that need a mobile app. For example, you’ve created an app for a small, local restaurant. Reskin your own app and offer the same services to other homegrown merchants in your area.

  1. Get help from those who have done it.

Lastly, learn from those who have figured it out. Read articles and personal stories from developers who have made it big. If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide for making money from your apps, BrightNewt’s Appiness guides will take you through all the things that you need to know to get a better chance at earning– from marketing tips to sample app review emails.

Do you have any more tips on how to be an app reskinning master? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section.




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