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The Flying Flea

An endless flyer! Skill game source code with power-ups and upgrades.

Available for iOS & Android

Screenshots & Videos:

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Want it?


I absolutely love this code! I honestly can’t wait to reskin it myself and get 2 or 3 versions of the code in the app store.

This source code has all the ingredients that are required to make it successful, plus it has a little something extra!  What could that be you ask?  Well, this source code is not only producing a universal app to be submitted to the Apple App Store, but it also creates a universal app for the Google Play Android App store.  That’s right folks, we have entered the world of multiple platforms and you get benefit from it.

Here are the links to the game:

Apple App Store:

Information About The App

  • Developed in Cocos2dx
  • Universal iOS Version
  • Universal Android Version
  • iOS 8 Optimized
  • Chartboost Interstitials
  • Chartboost More Apps Page
  • 41 Achievements to accomplish
  • 2 Leaderboards
  • Local Notifications
  • Both Consumable and Non-Consumable in app purchases
  • Coin Currency
  • Facebook Integration
  • Feedback Form
  • Endless style gameplay
  • Remove ads functionality (the number 1 in app purchase)
  • Automated creation of Sprite Sheets
  • Same graphics used for iOS and Android version
  • Highly Engaging Game Play
  • Over 140 reviews in Google and over 300 Google +1’s (now averaging 20 per day)
  • Awesome documentation (I do believe it is my best yet)
  • Ability to port to Windows Mobile and Blackberry (we may do this if enough of you request it)

That is one robust source code that is certainly not for the faint at heart.  This is for the true believers that are ready to make a high quality game that will cross multiple platforms.

This truly is one of my prized source codes that I plan to have lots of fun with and kill it in the app store.  I already have several features that I will be adding in the next couple of weeks that you will be entitled to.  Who’s ready for the journey and ready to rock this code? Then jump on this and grab it while you can.

Twitter has already seen a lot of activity for this app.  Here are some of the comments:

@thelastcrooom – It’s all about flying flea as apposed to flappy bird
@briannalynnee_ – yo there’s one called flying flea this sh*t better than flappy birds lmaooo – Way Better
@phoeebSym – I’ll probably fail my gcses because of flying flea

You do not want to miss out on this opportunity.  You will regret it.

Check out the asset list here: Flying_Flea_Source_Code

How Much you ask? Look, The Flying Flea isn’t one of those source codes where the end user is going to get bored after 5 minutes of playing.  Plus, you are really getting 2 source codes here all packaged into 1 (an iOS and an Android)

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