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Super Fly City Escape

Reskinnable Physics Rope Swing Game Source Code with Perfect Replayability

Available for iOS

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SuperFly City Escape is an amazing physics game that tests your skills as jumping from one building to another using rope. Think of it as being similar to SpiderMan. The app has some addictive gameplay and appears to be a hit with the users that have downloaded it. If there is one stat I would like to point out from the analytical software being used in the app is the number of times the Play Again button has been pressed. In the first 3 weeks of being in the app store, the Play Again button has been pressed an astounding 360,000 thousand times! Say What?!? Yeah, that means that users enjoy the game and their retention rate is very high. This also means that the app is on target to hit 1 Million games played by the end of the year.

* Universal app
* Gamecenter Integration
* Multiple In App Purchase options
* Remove Ads feature
* 3 Different Cities
* 6 Different Characters
* Chartboost More Apps Integration
* Applovin Ad Network
* Objects used to assist the player (plane, chopper, eagle)
* Incredible physics gameplay
* Chartboost Interstitial
* Accelerometer use to increase swinging motion

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