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Icon Guessing Game

Quiz Source Code with Ad Compatibility

Available for iOS

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Single Use License (iOS)

  • Full code for iOS
  • Use on one commercial project.
  • Support for one year.
  • Assets list and design files

Multi Use License (iOS)

  • Full code for iOS
  • Use on unlimited commercial projects.
  • Support for one year.
  • Assets list and design files.

Complete License

  • Full code for all platforms
  • Use on any commercial projects.
  • Premium support for 2 years.
  • Assets list and design files.


Back in December, I bought my first game off of—not just the source code but also the entire icon guessing game.

One reason I bought the game was to give away licenses as an incentive to the first 25 people who bought the Total Appiness package of my Appiness marketing guide for iOS developers.

While my developer was updating the code for iOS 7, he ran into some problems: the dude who sold the game to me had intentionally removed essential functions and other pieces of the code.

[Insert colorful imprecations here.]

He had made it impossible for me to use the icon guessing game code that I had bought to create new apps, and his dishonesty made it necessary for me to put significantly more time and money into updating the code than I had originally planned.

The App Store is the Wild, Wild West, and unfortunately, I had crossed paths with one of the outlaws.

But the silver lining is that I was able to use the raw materials of the code and original icon illustrations to create a game much better than the original.

The new game is called Iconic, and I’d like to tell you why I think Iconic and reskins of the source code will be successful.

The Secret to Making a Successful Game

It’s easy to buy into a business model and ignore the people who actually use your products—so-called “end users.”

We developers tend to obsess over in-game currencies, in-app purchases, and ad placements. We treat our new apps like children and compare keyword options the way parents compare private schools. We agonize over user interface design, theme choices, and character names.

“Who will appeal more to your target demographic, Sydney the Sycophantic Wallaby or Englebert the Egregious Egret?”

Choices, choices! We fuss and fidget. We often miss the forest for the trees: games should be fun to play.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Duh!” But a lot of game developers miss this obvious consideration.

Allow me to qualify “fun” with three more adjectives, which I have borrowed from my interview with Anthony Keane, one of my clients and the creator of Gneo:

  1. Unique
  2. Beautiful
  3. Entertaining (or helpful, in the case of utility and reference apps)

To be successful, a game must be all three, yet I’ve seen a lot of mediocre reskins show up in the App Store in the last year and a half. Their gameplay may be proven, but the user experience suffers due to a relentless barrage of ads. Their artwork looks cheap and has no cohesive branding. Nothing about them is memorable.

Sound familiar? I hope not.

But supposing you do own a C- game and want to turn it into an A- game, you’ll need to focus on these three things (like I did for Iconic).

What can you do to fix a forgettable game?

1) Uniqueness – How do you make a one-of-a-kind app, especially if you’re working from a pre-existing source code? You focus on the minor details. Write funny local notifications. Replace annoying ads with new, more valuable in-app purchases. Use funky colors. Pick a better name and more popular theme. Be more generous by giving away stuff inside the game—e.g., free daily tokens for opening the game. Study the popular games that you love, figure out why you love them, and borrow the best ideas for your game. Surprise and delight players any way you

Uniqueness drives user retention, and user retention drives profitability. In fact, approximately 44% of your potential in-app purchases will be made after 10 or more sessions. If players aren’t returning to your game, then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

2) Beauty (that is, top-quality graphics) – Back in early January, I took my team through several strategic planning sessions. One decision we made was to not skimp on design in 2014.

Now we only work with designers who charge $50 or more. Why? In years past we have wasted a lot of time and money trying to save money on cheap designers. But we ended up earning every penny we saved because inexpensive designers tend to be less professional than those who charge a higher hourly rate.

In other words, you get what you pay for. I paid top dollar for a world-class design team, and they redesigned Iconic from top to bottom. You can take a look at Iconic – The Impossible Icon Guessing Game and see for yourself.

3) Entertaining – Is your game addictive like Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga? Is it easy to learn but difficult to master like Flappy Bird and Temple Run?

Does playing your game require smart strategy the same as playing Clash of Clans? Does it give people bragging rights like Words with Friends? Does it put a funny spin on negative emotions like Office Jerk or have a whimsical storyline like Dumb Ways to Die?

By giving users ways to express themselves, compete with their friends, and achieve multiple levels of mastery, you will keep them entertained. They won’t be able to resist coming back for more.

What I Like about Iconic – The Addictive Pop Culture Guessing Game

Iconic is addictive. My wife and I were playing before bed one night, and because knowing about pop culture and celebrities is a point of pride for her, she got totally sucked in.

We stayed up an hour later than we meant to because she wanted to beat the game!

She eventually gave up not for lack of interest but because we had to get up early with our baby girl!

Rebuilding the code gave me the opportunity to improve the code base and add some of my favorite marketing and monetization features:

  • Universal code with iPad, iPhone, and iPod supporticon guessing game source code
  • Native Objective-C code base
  • iAd banners integration
  • Playhaven interstitials
  • Playhaven More Apps widget
  • Chartboost interstitials
  • 9 in-app purchases
  • Automatic popup for getting more ratings/review
  • Share app to Facebook
  • Two kinds of clues (Reveal and Remove)
  • Local notifications
  • Pushwoosh push notifications
  • Cool animation with rotating icons on the home screen
  • Reusable icon/logo illustrations
  • Settings screen with sound control, credits, reset button, and how to play info
  • Beautiful design

Comments and Support:


    How many questions / categories has it allowed for?


      You can have as many questions / categories as you like, just set up plists for each!

    Igor Stefanovic

    Hi, i am student and i want create an effective learning app. its less for gameplay more for constructive learning and selfcheck. is it possible to create a statistic into, how much right and wrong answers in categories and subcategories were did in percents??? i think i’m gonna buy this code but i have only humble experience with c+
    I have only


    Is this compatable with IOS 8?


    Hey there,

    Do you have a link for this app on app store?


    Alan T

    Speaking of the dude that removed some of the source code, I had the same experienced last few weeks ago. I purchased some source code from Apptopia for re-skin. When submitted to AppStore, it got rejected due to IAP issue. After questioning the original developer about this, they provided a fix. Though they fix it but I feel that they are not sincere in doing business. They claimed that the source code is good and ready to upload to AppStore after re-skin but the fact is not. Anyway, lesson learned. Beware these so called “big” website that selling source code. For new comers to app business, just stick with accredited developer that proved their code is working fine. One of the way is to check out the code reviews by many customers that bought the code. From the review, one can tell if the source code is a good buy or shaddy one.


      @Alan T Man, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a similar experience. But I totally agree with you: read reviews from past customers and ensure before purchasing code that the code you are purchasing is the EXACT same as the one in the App Store or Google Play.


    Hi Austin,

    First off thank you for the wonderful source code. It’s the highest of quality and an easy reskin. But I just have a few question in terms of changing the graphics.
    1. On the home screen how do you change the “ICONIC” at the top?
    2. I’m trying to change the rectangle graphic on the gameplay screen where the letters are over it. Did I miss it somewhere in the Images folder?

    Thank you very much!


      @Banks I believe “Iconic” is a layer in the .PSD design file of the home screen. So you should be able to replace it with your app’s name, and then export new home page graphics.

    Matt florian

    Can this app act like a buzzfeed quiz where the combination of responses will result in a categorical set of answers? For instance you create a set of questions about what Star Wars character you are and based on your responses when you complete the questions it tell you that you are Darth Vader because you have daddy issues.



      @Matt Florian Based on what you described, I think you’re looking more for a game with a decision tree matrix of sorts that will spit out certain answers based on the user’s choices. You could certainly add that functionality to this code, but you’d need an experienced iOS programmer to help you.


    Ok Cool. Any idea how big of an effort it is to make that change in the game? I am trying to get an idea for development efforts as having multiple choice options would be nice.


      @Satya I can’t answer your question with any accuracy because 1) I don’t know the full scope of what you want to add/takeaway; and 2) I don’t know your level of expertise with regards to iOS programming. That being said, I do not believe it would be difficult to change the game mechanics so that rather than draw from a pool of correct answers, each question has its own pool of answers.


        I got the logic changed as I wanted :) . One thing I wanted to check is, the IAP crashes on ios 6.0 simulator. are IAP’s only supposed to work on iOS 7.0(tested on iOS7 and works fine)? Also should the deployment target be 7.0 in that case? Thanks for your help.


          @Satya This quiz code is only compatible with iOS 7.0 or later, although you could certainly discuss with your programmer the prospect of making it compatible with iOS 6.


    Great Code. Would be great if there was a way to enter multiple choice answers for each question rather than code picking up the answers from other questions, that limits the ability to only create a specific type of quiz than different options in the same quiz.


      @Satya Thanks! Glad you think it’s solid. Long term, I’d definitely like to add more functionality to the code, and multiple choice would be ideal!


    Hello, I am looking a Iconic… How had is it to change out the graphics and what does the template look like for adding questions. Also is there a limit to the questions??




      @Michael How hard changing out the graphics would be depends on the person doing it. The reskinning documentation includes information about swapping out the user interface graphics, but if you’re wanting to add additional icons/questions for players to guess, then I’d definitely recommend hiring an experienced iOS programmer. A good programmer will be able to add as many questions as you want.


    Austin, Ryan,

    Thanks for your support to my developer trouble shooting and getting the right understanding the code.
    I finished to gather 3×100 records plists last night. Olga and her team just sent me the built We’re testing!

    What a service! I am happy!


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