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Dino Fight 3D

Beautiful 3D fighting game source code.

Available for iOS

Screenshots & Videos:

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Want it?

Single Use License

  • Full code for iOS or Android
  • Use on one commercial project.
  • Support for one year.
  • Assets list and design files

Multi Use License

  • Full code for iOS or Android
  • Use on unlimited commercial projects.
  • Support for one year.
  • Assets list and design files.

Complete License

  • Full code for all platforms
  • Use on any commercial projects.
  • Premium support for 2 years.
  • Assets list and design files.


Ronald Watson got in touch with me out of the blue, and asked if I’d be willing to promote his source code on

Lots of these emails have appeared in my inbox over the past twelve months, and to be honest, I ignore most of them. But Ronald’s grabbed my attention because his game had one very important characteristic: it has made a lot of money.

To date, Dino Fight 3D has raked around $50,000.

If you’d like to see proof, you can check out the numbers for iOS here and Google Play here.

The Dino Fight 3D source code is available for the first time ever, and is only available on

When you take a look at the game, it’s no surprise why it has been successful. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Beautiful graphics
  • $1.99 paid app with 6 in-app purchases
  • iOS (app link) and Android (app link)
  • Makes use of these cool Unity plug-ins: NGUI, iTween editor, Prime31, Behave, Facebook SDK, JSON kit, LitJson

You can check out the gameplay quickly in this :30 video: Here’s a more in-depth tutorial:



In college Ronald was a chemical engineering major and didn’t have enough time to get a job, so he started developing apps to make a little money on the side. Over 1100 hours went into developing the game in Unity 3D, and I’ve got to hand it to Ronald: it takes guts to invest thousands of dollars in design and development with no guarantee of a big return on his investment.

Ronald’s hobby quickly become a passion, and that passion later turned into a full-time Job. He told me that simply creating the game brought him a significant amount of joy but that seeing the fun others have playing the game has been the most rewarding thing by far. Ronald managed to create a profitable, beautifully rendered, and quite addictive fighter game that’s ripe for reskinning.

Because the gameplay revolves around a basic battle premise, new theme possibilities are endless: wild animals, ninjas, dragons, cheerleaders, babies, vegetables. If you think people will enjoy a grandma fighting a unicorn, then this source code can make them look awesome doing it.

(Someone please use that idea and send me a link to your game!)

What You Get

This game isn’t some half-baked casserole of code. Ronald knows his stuff, and he has agreed in advance to answer any troubleshooting questions. You can be confident that you’ll get help in a transparent and efficient manner.

Here’s what comes with your purchase:

  • Complete step-by-step reskinning instructions
  • Comprehensive assets list
  • Support & troubleshooting from the original developer who has three years of experience and makes apps full-time

Before visions of dollar signs dance in your head, I’d like to offer a word of caution though: this code is ROBUST. If you’re brand new to Unity 3D, then it’s probably not a good fit for you. Even though you’ll be paying a premium for a premium code, you can’t reasonably expect Ronald to teach you everything you’ll need to know about developing with Unity 3D. In other words, $349 is not your ticket to unlimited free consulting.

The original game was successful because Ronald picked a winning theme, invested in top-quality graphics, and continued to reinvest in updates.

You can expect to put 45-60 hours into this reskin, and a budget of $5000 will set you up for major success. That’s not to say you can’t create a winner on a shoestring budget. But do take a honest look at your available funds. “Buyer’s remorse” won’t get you a refund!

Here’s some sugar to help the medicine go down: Ronald has agreed to open up his “black book” and share recommendations for both designers and developers.

How much?

Thankfully, Ronald didn’t want to charge an arm and a leg for licenses. Being an indie developer, he understands that people need to carefully guard their app revenues so that they can reinvest in new reskins.

Comments and Support:


    Is the $5K guesstimate for graphics alone or also to pay a dev to implement?

      Ronald Watson

      Jon, The 5K is a guesstimate, if you have the right team set up. 5K can certainly get it done.


    Also, can I get a breakdown of number of assets required to reskin, i.e. number of models, animations, textures etc Thanks very much again!


    Hi Guys, has this code been upgraded for IOS8. Thanks!


    Hi, how long would it normally take to do the reskin? Is $5000 sufficient to cover all costs? I have gotten quotes for $8000-$9000 for a unity 3d reskin recently.

      Ronald Watson

      Darren, the time frame depends on the project along with the budget. Yes, $5000 is sufficient to do a reskin, but the more features you want to manipulate and change the higher the budget will be.

    Ronald Watson

    Hello Peter, it was in Javascript.


    Is the source code in Javascript or C# ?

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