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Crazy Alarm Clock

Best-selling Alarm App with personality.

Available for iOS

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Want it?

Single Use License (iOS)

  • Full code for iOS
  • Use on one commercial project.
  • Support for one year.
  • Assets list and design files

Multi Use License (iOS)

  • Full code for iOS
  • Use on unlimited commercial projects.
  • Support for one year.
  • Assets list and design files.

Complete License

  • Full code for all platforms
  • Use on any commercial projects.
  • Premium support for 2 years.
  • Assets list and design files.


Crazy Alarm Clock keeps you from oversleeping.

Have you ever missed an appointment or interview because you slept through your alarm? Have you have turned it off in your sleep and awoken to that sickening wave of panic?

Crazy Alarm Clock is to normal alarm clocks what Mt. Everest is to a mole hill. When you absolutely positively have to get out of bed at a certain time, you need the most annoying and abrasive sounds known to man (or woman). You simply choose a loud, obnoxious noise—such as, Angry Cat or Chalkboard Fingernails—set your day and time, and you can rest assured (literally) that you’ll be on time for that final exam or business flight.

Even if you just need a daily alert or a safe way to not char the pork loin, Crazy Alarm Clock has you covered. Get it here:


Crazy Alarm Clock was one of my first apps. I had a tight budget, but I could see all the potential this code had. I learned a good lesson: never create a piece of software you can only sell once. There are a lot of directions a code like this could go.

I never got around to making all of the other soundboard apps because I wanted to start making games. But now that I’ve made several games, I’m beginning to see the importance of having a diverse portfolio of photo, entertainment, reference, utility, and game apps.

You must change the theme and the images. Otherwise, your app won’t stand out enough to be a success. The Multi Use license entitles you to create and distribute in binary form as many reskins as you want.

Note: The code has been updated for iOS 8.


The app is coded natively in Objective-C, and here are some of the best things about Crazy Alarm Clock:

  • Over 90,000 downloads to date
  • Universal code with iPhone, iPod, and iPad support sound effects code for iOS
  • iOS 8 compatibility
  • In-app purchases, including Remove Ads
  • Playhaven/Upsight interstital ads
  • Revmob fullscreen and banner ads
  • Flurry Banner ads & analytics
  • Playhaven/Upsight More Apps plug-in
  • Cool design & one-of-a-kind sound icons
  • Easy alarm settings
  • Organize sounds alphabetically or by starring your favorites

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