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Avalanche Mountain 1

A chart-topper in the endless runner category!

Available for iOS

Screenshots & Videos:

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This Avalanche Mountain source code is extremely hot and likely one of the most successful source codes out there. This source code has done tremendously well for others and continues its successful path. One of the most successful reskins is A Bike Race of Ninja Temple. In fact, there was a write-up in Techcrunch on the success of the app.

Avalanche Mountain and Avalanche Mountain HD have received a combined download total of over 100,000 downloads to date. It’s success to date has been due to not only the gameplay, but due to the multiple methods of monetization (Consumable In App Purchases, Non Consumabale In App Purchases and Ad Revenue)

* 2 source codes (1 for the iPhone and 1 for the iPad)
* 35 Challenging Levels to conquer
* Developed in Cocos2D
* Facebook Integration
* Gamecenter Integration
* Nextpeer Multiplayer Integration
* Revmob and Chartboost Ad Networks
* Documentation on what changes need to be made and where
* Image Asset list for easy handoff to a graphic designer
Avalanche Mountain (iPhone version) App Store Link
Avalanche Mountain HD (iPad Version) App Store Link

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