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100 Ping Pong Balls

Wildly popular reflex game that's easy to reskin and update

Available for iOS

Screenshots & Videos:

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There is a new wave in mobile gaming.  That new wave is the game that takes little time to play, can be paused at any point in time and appeals to the masses. I recently read something that stuck with me and I keep playing it over and over in my head.  The target markets of preteens, teens and college students want games that they can zip in and out of.  They want games that are in a portrait mode for as it allows them to quickly respond to a text message, answer a phone call and switch back and forth between chatting with their friends and playing the game.

I must say, this completely makes sense to me! I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it.

100 Ping Pong Balls is a game that follows all of the rules mentioned above.  The game is based off a wildly popular game that shot to the top of the app store and took the number 1 spot in the U.S. The name of that game is 100 Balls. Not only was the 100 Balls app the top of it’s categories, it was also the number 1 overall game.  These types of apps are overtaking the app store and ruling the top of the charts.

One of the amazing benefits of these types of apps for you (the reskinner) is that they typically take a very small amount of time to reskin and they have minimal number of graphics.  This means you have less money to invest up front and take less time to make your money back and to return a profit.  It allows you to take a little more risk because the cost to reskin is very low.

iOS App URL –

Details About The Source Code:

  • Cocos2Dx
  • Universal iPhone and iPad App
  • Android App
  • 3 Gameplay modes (Classic, Reverse and Mixed)
  • Less than 40 images to reskin plus the icon and default images
  • Chartboost Interstitials
  • 3 Game Center leaderboards
  • In App purchase for removing ads
  • Post Scores to Twitter
  • Post Scores to Facebook
  • Post Scores via email
  • Share Scores via Text Message
  • Simple 1 touch gameplay
  • Very Simple to reskin!
  • Rainbow Cup that adds balls back so if you lose balls, you can get some back

I strongly encourage you to take a chance on this code.  There is so much you can do with it!

Dig deep into your creative side, come up with an incredible theme and give it a whirl!

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