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Reference for Beginners: Best Android Development Online Resources

Published December 7, 2015

Beginners and expert coders alike both need reliable go-to resources for news, tips & tricks, tutorials, and essentially anything that can get them in the know of the latest happenings in the Android community. You’ll find a plethora of information on the web but we at Bright Newt collated the best sites to source information from.

Here are the top 8 Android development online resources that we think beginner android app developers should religiously check:

Android Developer Hub

Don’t look too far. You’ll find a wealth of information here not to mention that all these are official and updated. Set up your Android Studio and learn to use all the helpful features such as code templates and GitHub integration and support for multi-screen app development. Check out Sample Projects too!

Android App Inventor

This MIT-backed site is perfect for those who learn visually. Drag-and-drop blocks help facilitate learning and keep the structure simple for those who want to learn more about the fundamentals of coding. The site also offers beginner video tutorials featuring starter apps.

Stack Overflow

Join a community of programmers and learn through Q&As. Pitch in and help out in the community by answering questions and sharing your expertise too. The community is composed of experts so you will find snippets of codes for troubleshooting, system performance questions, and debugging error codes inquiries.


While Stack Overflow is the site for coding and technical Q&As, Quora is the best resource for trivia and other general, less technical topics ranging from Android mobile app marketing to knowing the average hourly rates for Android app developers. Visit the Mobile Android Application Development topic and read through thousands of questions or post a few of your own.


Need a tutorial or a refresher on Android testing and performance analysis? Head on over to Vogella for in-depth tutorial courses ranging from basic to advanced topics such as version control and different algorithms.

Android Open Source

If you’re looking to customize certain areas of the Android stack, this site is the best resource for you. Get source codes to port devices and accessories and use these to ensure devices are compatible with the Android platform.

Git Hub

Git Hub was born from Git, a free command-line version control system, and with the Hub part it became so much more. Aside from efficiently tracking code changes, Git Hub offers the ability to collaborate with other programmers. Revisions can be discussed publicly and other experts can weigh in and share their inputs.


Lauded by many programmers as a site offering great content on Android app development, Tuts+ is the site that you should visit if you want to know the latest in the industry. Read articles featuring tips on how to introduce face detection in Android, using Google maps in your code, or take courses such as using Java on Android.

Android Developers’ YouTube Channel 

YouTube is a gem when it comes to Android development too! Check out the Android Developers channel and be updated with the latest Android news and events. You’ll also find tutorials on this page from the basic installation of Android Studio to more complex ones such as the optimizing system performances. The channel also features Android developer stories featuring companies who have made a break in the industry.


That’s our round-up of the most informative Android development online resources . Think we missed your favorite site? Let us know in the comments section below.

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