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Mustache Bash

Published July 18, 2012

Mustache Bash in three words: funny pictures fast. Mustache Bash icon

Choose a picture from your camera roll or take a new one, put a mustache on it, and share your ridiculous or disgustingly handsome creation with the world.

Stachebash your picture with an assortment of classic and contemporary mustaches, beards, and other facial embellishments made famous by some of the most daft and debonair men (and women) in recent history. Give your Mom the Tom, stick your friends with a Charlie, or make the ladies swoon with a Johnny or Sam.

Once you’re finished, you can save your manly makeovers to your camera roll, email them, or share them with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Cool design
  • Gallery of hilarious mustaches
  • Resizing & rotating for realistic (or unrealistic) look
  • Simple tapping to change color: brown, blonde, black, red, or gray
  • Easy sharing on Facebook, Twitter, or email (or save to camera roll)
  • Add-a-caption feature
Sweet in-app purchases for more stachebashing pleasure
  • No annoying ads

Whether you’re a late bloomer or just looking for a laugh, you can now wear a face toupee proudly. Check out the website here, or download it now:

You’ll be glad you did.

Comments and Support:


    Is Instagram now included in the social toolbar with this code?


    For version iOS7 where is the pdf file to send the developer/designer with what needs to be done?


      @Kathy The reskinning documentation is in the same folder as the source code and assets spreadsheet.

    Jordan Valeriote

    Hey everyone – check out our reskin!

    Kathy Nielsen

    Can you also send me a list of any designers and/or developers that you know and could recommend?

    Kathy Nielsen

    Hi There Austin!

    When you work with your PhotoShop designer, do you send him links of pictures you wanted him to use as “mustaches” as .jpegs, .gif etc or do you save the google pictures as a pdf to show him what you want done? I want to give my PhotoShop designer the fastest/cheapest path to creating my theme graphics. I thought I would check in with you on your experiences, if you have a moment to share. Thanks! Kathy


      @Kathy I usually source all of the original images myself. Or I ask my assistant or one of my business partners to do it. We only use license-free images with no strings attached to be on the up-and-up. Flickr is a good place to look.


    Can you send me the asset list for Mustache Bash so I can take a look at what needs to be done? Can you also send me a list of any designers and/or developers that you know and could recommend?



      @Ben I will email you.


        Thanks Austin!

        I’d like to purchase this source code from you now, but I read that an update that is compatible with iOS 7 is about to come out very shortly. Should I wait for that version to come out first before purchasing? Not sure if the new update requires an additional charge…


          @Ben You can go ahead and purchase now. The iOS 7 update is finished. I just need to submit it for review and send out an email to everyone. :)


    Hey, just finished reskinning the app but with iOS 7 a week away, we can’t release it. When can we expect an updated version that works in iOS 7?


      @Jordan We plan to release the update with iOS 7 support as soon as possible after Apple releases the official version of the new OS on Sept. 18. In the meantime, we’re adding some other cool features to the code. :)

    Ari SP

    Hi Austin,

    I just purchased a multi lisence code from you and I’m waiting for my developer to finish the first reskin. I’m really looking forward to it.

    I have two questions for you.

    1) are there any sites or youtube channels you suggest I reference when learning how to hook up my re-skin and id #s to your source code? Kinda of a noob here

    2) will I be getting the update on your code for ipad & iOS7?

    thanks a bunch,


    I’ll let you know when I’m done with my re-skin, I’d love your feedback


      @Ari Have you checked out the documentation that comes with the source code? I included a PDF that gives step-by-step instructions for creating your reskins. As for the v4.0 update with iPad support, I’m offering it to people who have already bought a license for $50. Email me at austin at brightnewt dot com, and I’ll send you the payment link.


    Hi Austin!
    I totaly love your App, I saw in Carter’s blog that you are going to update the app to support the iPad, (that will be amazing!) so I would like to know when this will be.
    And another question, the app have, for example, 9 slots for the extra packs and 15 for the free mustaches. It is easy for my to add extra slots as copy and paste the code and replace the images?

    Thank You!


      @Allan Thanks for the compliments! Yes, we’re finishing up iPad and iOS 7 support. The new version should be ready within the week. The price for the licenses will go up to $349 (Single) and $479 (Unlimited).

      Yes, it should be easy for you or your programmer to add extra slots. Multiples of three, such as 3, 6, 9, and 15, work best. You’ll just want to make sure that the new names of your .png files and the names in the plist file match up.

      Hope this helps,


        Amazing! I will be waiting.
        I am so excited because this will be my first investment 😀


          Sweet! I’ll let you know when the newest version of the Mustache Bash source code is finished.


    Hey Austin.
    This looks interesting. My question is, does it come with documentation regarding where I need to find and replace ID keys? Change the emailing title etc?


      @Mike Yes, each source code license comes with documentation that will help you find and replace IDs. Changing the emailing title is super easy. You just make the changes in the Localizable.strings file in the en.lproj folder. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Mike Newton


    Thanks for putting this out there. I just picked it up yesterday and sent you an email this morning. Great to see other SD based developers kicking ass. Let me know if you want to grab a drink in town and talk shop, I’ve been trying to meet more local devs this year.



      Hi Mike, You’re welcome. Thanks for buying a license. I think it will be a very profitable app for you to reskin. I actually live in Knoxville, Tennessee, but if you’re ever in my neighborhood (or I visit San Diego again), let’s connect.


    @Chuck I’m so glad that you see the value. I’m proud of Mustache Bash, but I’m biased. : ) Please let me know if you have any questions about how best to do the reskin. Cheers, Austin

    Chuck Rayman

    I have been buying some mobile app source codes for some time and this is the best I have gotten thus far. I can’t believe that Austin is selling it. As soon as I heard that he was selling it and I knew it was no brainer to buy it and I did. This code is clean and solid. It met my expectation and beyond. This is great stuff here folks. I can wait to start reskinning it… a lot of great ideas on this. One again Austin, thanks for this great code.


    This is the real thing. Great code. Just bought it.


      Thanks, Ojie. I hope your reskin does really well for you!


    This is such an excellent code. The price is an absolute steal.


      Thanks, Ryan. I agree with you. But I’m a little biased! :)


    Wow, super polished awesome code! I’ve never seen that and I buy a lot of code. I wish they were all like that. Thank you so much, total bargain! :-) :-)


      Thanks, Louis! I hope your reskin makes you lots of money in the App Store! I’ll let you know when I put other codes up for sale.

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