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How To Choose Your First Source Code

Published February 16, 2016

Are you finally convinced that you want to get into the reskinning business?

Your first reskin should be easier if you have a programming background but being a non-developer should not hinder you from starting out. You will find plenty of information in the web that’ll teach you how to start reskinning from a non-technical background but first, we’ll give you tips on how to choose your first source code.

How To Choose Your First Source Code

To ensure that you’ll have a high probability of success with your first reskinned app, here are some tips on how to choose the right source code:

  1. Find a category that suits you best.

Do you want to work on an app under games, productivity, or social media niche? Since this is your first reskinning project, choose one category to focus on. Make sure that it’s the one that will suit you best. Consider this as part of your learning phase too, so find a category that is fun and enjoyable for you to work on.

  1. Check the categories from sites that offer the best source codes.

First, check here at Bright Newt because we do have the best source codes on the web.

A source-code selling site’s reputation does matter and only stick to searching on sites that are known to offer the superior ones. You can’t turn a low quality source code into a high quality reskinned app; make sure that you’ll start on a good canvas of a source code so you can turn it into a great reskin.

If you don’t find a great app on your first try, sign up with AppFlipAlerts, provide your preferred source code category, and wait for email notifications for new source codes that match your search.

  1. Once you find a source code that you like, research the background and do some QA.

Check the background of the source code that you are eyeing to buy. Here are some questions that you should consider asking before buying:

  • How popular is the original source code in terms of downloads?
  • How many reskins are already out in iOS App Store or Google Play? Do you think the market is still open for another new reskin (yours)?
  • Are the reskins doing good in the market?
  • Is the price of the source code within your budget?
  • Are there known issues about the code? How responsive is the developer when it comes to solving issues?

Study the code and conduct your own research first before purchasing it.

  1. Have a plan for your reskinning theme.

Before going ahead to purchase, have a vision of how you want your reskinned app to look like. Come up with a theme that would standout from other existing reskins in the market.

Go one step further than changing the graphics. Can you think of any other way to make the reskin better? Are there other features that you can add to make it more useful or enjoyable for users? Remember to focus first on the quality of your first reskin before thinking of ways to increase your earnings.

Once you have a plan for your first reskin, look at other possible ways that you can earn from this source code. List down all applicable themes that you can work on so you can multiply your profits.

Once you have a concrete plan in mind and you have all the tips above in-check, you’re now ready to purchase your first ever source code. Check out other posts here at Bright Newt to help you start working on your reskinned app.

Good luck on your first reskin!

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