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Content Marketing for Mobile Apps

Published April 12, 2016

If content marketing is nowhere in your strategy, you’re missing out on a lot of possible profits.

Marketing Strategy

CMI (Content Marketing Institute) describes content marketing as the technique where one creates helpful, beneficial, and at times, entertaining content to engage users without selling to them. Content marketing covers a variety of channels: blog posts, infographics, reviews, viral content, memes, and video marketing.

Most users, myself included, are savvy and knowledgeable when it comes to intrusive ads – we deliberately avoid these. That is the difference between a paid ad and content marketing: the first one uses straightforward selling while the latter builds on a brand’s reputation as a reliable and consistent source of information. In content marketing, you will need to invest time in building a good relationship with your audience. These will, in the long run, convert into sales.

Content marketing stats for B2C show that the most effective strategies use email newsletters, in-person events, photos, and social media content.

Here’s how some of the biggest mobile apps are using content marketing:

Angry Birds Blog

From holiday greetings to wacky illustrations from fans, Rovio knows how to keep their users loyal to the game. The entire blog fits the fun and colorful theme of Angry Birds well. They have also taken the time to write game walkthroughs and tutorials at Angry Birds Nest. The company also updates this blog with the latest news about the game.

Why it works: Rovio builds and cultivates a community of Angry Bird game enthusiasts. Fans submit artworks and interact with Rovio outside of the game. They have also included links to fan works uploaded on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. While the app in itself is really addicting and entertaining, the way Rovio takes care of its fans is admirable. The result? A total of over 300 million downloads in both Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore.

AirBnB Case Study

The startup star came up with a study on the economic impact of home sharing. The best thing about this is AirBnB presented the results in the most easily understandable way – through an infographic.


Source: Airbnb

Why it works: The infographic tells us about how AirBnB helps local economies around the world. They don’t tell us to book accommodations with AirBnB but when you look at the figures of how many people they’ve helped, it positively impacts your decision to eventually book your stay with an AirBnB unit.

Curation by Instagram

Visit Instagram’s profile on, of course, Instagram, and you’ll find an amazing trove of curated content. With 150 million followers and counting, it goes to show that Instagram itself has made good use of their own platform for marketing. The team comes up with Weekend Hashtag Projects and encourages their followers to join and upload pictures. They then choose outstanding photos and feature these on their account.

Why it works: Instagram does what it does best – share photos and stories from around the globe. It encourages people to upload more of their experiences, of course, share it on the platform.

Clear Video Preview

Clear is a task and to-do list reminder app on the iOS AppStore. What differentiates it from the other to-do list apps? It’s simple, elegant, and            it does what it says it’ll do. If you’re having second thoughts, Clear uploaded an app preview on the AppStore.

Check this link for the app preview guidelines from Apple and get your camera rolling.

Why it works: Clear team created a simple, no-frills video – similar to what they offer. Notice that they didn’t even use voiceover here? It’s because the video is so straightforward there’s no need for one. This powerful app preview video, coupled with outstanding reviews, has gained Clear over 2 million downloads. 

Do you think content marketing is for you? Start with a content marketing plan and see how it will work for your app. Share your experience in the comments below.

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