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8 Tips On How To Effectively Market Your Apps

Published November 16, 2015

Building a great app is the first and most important step. Letting the world know about it is the second and is very crucial if you want to see growth, increase your ratings, or earn from your venture. Beginner indie app developers often wonder, “How do I get my work noticed among thousands of other apps?”

Here are 8 ways to help you get started on getting the spotlight shining on your app:


  1. Promote your app within your inner circle

Make your family and friends your early users. This allows you to get a feel of the initial market reception and you can also get valuable early user insights. If your app suits them well, ask them for reviews and request them to promote to their social circles. WOM, or Word-of-Mouth marketing, is the oldest and still one of the most effective ways to increase your client base.

  1. Pitch your app to App Review sites

Write a highly engaging email that will make the reviewers notice it from the tons of emails that they get daily for app review. Here are websites that you can pitch to:

  1. Build a landing page, start a blog, and create a video

Content marketing pays off. Users searching for an app need more information as to what it is about. Create a simple landing page that briefly talks about your app and include a clear call to action. Post blog entries that are market-related and make sure regularly update. Video marketing is proving to be the direction in digital marketing so create a short video about your app and upload in platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, or Vine.

  1. Participate in social media groups and forums

This is particularly helpful if your app addresses a need in a niche market. Join social media groups and forums, take part in the discussions, and let them know about your app. It is important to establish your expertise in the field before marketing your app, otherwise, you will just sound spammy.

  1. Reach out to bloggers and influencers

Do your research and find out who are the most influential individuals in the market that you’re selling to. Most bloggers are willing to help out in reviewing and sharing the word, but they get turned off when asked for only positive reviews. This is understandable because their followers value their opinion. The key to dealing with influencers is to make it clear that you are asking for their honest opinion and not for all positive reviews.

  1. Share in social media platforms

Create a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and even an Instagram account for your app. Be active in social media by retweeting, liking, commenting, and sharing relevant news or inputs. These will also help you get under the radar of the main players in the market.

  1. Launch a contest

Think of an easy contest such as a raffle. A follow, retweet, or an app download will entitle the raffle winner to a bag of freebies. Use items 4-6 above to help promote your contest.

  1. Get a PR professional

Finally, if you have money to spend, get a PR professional to help you in getting your app known. PR services come up with great launch stories and they also have the press contacts that will help get your app featured in the media.


Got any additional marketing advice, tips, or questions? We’ll be glad to read them in the comments section!

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