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2016 First Quarter Top Apps: Reskinning Ideas

Published May 25, 2016

Finding out which source codes you should reskin can be a guessing game but the best way to do it is to take a look at the top downloaded and reviewed apps in both iOS and Android platforms. These lists will give you an idea of what’s currently hot in the market.


Here we give you a rundown of the top apps that made it in the first quarter of this year based on a publication and a review site:


International Business Times released the top Android apps as of March 2016. The list includes the following:


It’s a social gaming app from Nintendo. Users create a character or an avatar that they can use to interact and converse with other game players.

Universal Copy

Having trouble copying that line of text? Some text does not allow copying via the long press and copy function in the Android OS. Universal Copy aims to solve this; you can copy any type of text virtually anywhere.

Playstation Video

Are you bummed that you can’t watch any of the videos you downloaded or renter on your PlayStation while in transit? Sony heard you. The company released Playstation Video where you can watch movies or videos on your mobile. Users are also allowed to purchase directly from their Android device.


For iOS, Metracritic came up with the best-reviewed games of the first quarter. Here are the top 3 games on the list:


Play as an alien truck driver whose shipment got derailed by another alien enemy. The game revolves on the trucker retrieving his lost shipment, living his life on another planet, making new friends, and learning new alien secrets.

Clash Royale

Are you a fan of Clash of Clans? This game uses the same characters from Clash of Clans, including the spells and defenses in the popular game. Royales, new characters added to this new game, serve as the enemy in Clash Royale.

Love You To Bits

Love You To Bits is a nice and cute visual game that involves Kosmo, a newbie space explorer. Try this sci-fi adventure game filled with puzzles and challenges presented by bizarre characters and aliens.


Did we miss any new app on this list? Let us know in the comments section below!



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